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Stress as a Superpower

During the past few years, the physical, emotional and mental fatigue have been unlike anything that many of us have ever experienced. Exhaustion born of pandemics, compassion, caretaking, social justice, divisive political climate, natural disasters, countries at war and the list goes on.

All of us seem to be going through something. Something that takes our breath away, steals our sleep or punches us in the gut. According to the 2022 Community Well-Being Results (in partnership with Boston University), our greatest health risk in Southwest Florida is STRESS. Is this surprising? Most likely not.

Have you been experiencing BURNOUT? If so, know that you are not alone. Burnout has become an official medical diagnosis.

Drs. Emily and Amelia Nagoski have written an excellent book, “Burnout and How to Complete the Stress Cycle.” Based on their extensive research, they suggest simple but powerful strategies to complete the stress cycle. Their recommendations just happen to align with Blue Zones Project Power 9 principles:


  • Physical Activity (try a 10-minute walk outside)
  • Breathing (inhale and “smell the flowers and exhale to “blow out the candles”)
  • Positive social interaction (even a brief phone call, video call, in-person talk can give us a boost)
  • Laughter (laugh therapy – even a few minutes of laughing makes a difference)
  • Affection (ask for a 20-second hug)
  • Big cry (let the big emotions out)
  • Creative self-expression (write, cook, draw, style, listen to different music)

How do we know when we finish the stress cycle? Our body will tell us, we will feel it in our body.

So, let’s go move our body, connect with a friend, scream in the shower, or do some doodling. These simple habits can make a world of difference…in a world with so many stressors.

Would you like to feel differently?

What is ONE THING you can do right now to complete the stress cycle?

Let’s support each other in our fatigue and stress. And perhaps, we could even use our STRESS as a SUPERPOWER to reach out to others and serve in our community.

Deep breaths and let’s ease into 2023 together.


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