Women's Care

Comprehensive Women’s Services

Our gynecologists, obstetricians and midwives provide comprehensive women’s services at locations throughout Collier County. And the team’s integrated approach to healthcare fits perfectly with our female patients’ needs. Taking a woman’s complete health into account is essential at all stages of life, whether they are going through adolescence, pregnancy or menopause.


A story of hope for an expecting
mother without insurance

At 32 weeks pregnant, Maria** was uninsured and concerned about her baby’s health. Fortunately, she learned Healthcare Network would help her. During the exam, Maria also shared that she had experienced trauma, so she was introduced to one of our on-site psychologists for counseling. Today, Maria is a mom to a healthy beautiful baby girl and regularly attends therapy sessions.

**Name has been changed to protect the patient’s identity

A Caring, Compassionate Environment

Healthcare Network takes great pride in providing a caring, compassionate environment for women, regardless of their income or insurance status. No one will be denied access to services due to inability to pay.