Senior Care

Addressing Our Seniors' Unique Needs

Because seniors (ages 65+) are at risk for multiple diseases that might require overlapping treatments, their medical care can be complex. Healthcare Network’s Senior Care program is focused on keeping seniors independent and healthy. In fact, our providers are highly trained at managing seniors’ complex care needs – emphasizing prevention, treatment and optimal functioning as patients age.

The Importance of
Collaborative Care for Seniors

We employ a patient-centered collaborative care model, that encompasses physical, cognitive, psychological, and social aspects of care and daily living to achieve the best outcome for each individual patient. Most importantly, our Senior Care program responds to what seniors need and want when it comes to their healthcare. This approach reduces costly and preventable hospitalizations and emergency department visits.

Fast Fact

More than half of all older adults have three or more ongoing medical problems, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and arthritis. 


Healthcare Network provides payment assistance in the form of a Sliding Fee Scale. It’s one of many ways we are making healthcare more accessible to all.