The Nichols Community Health Center provides residents in Golden Gate and neighboring communities access to affordable and compassionate primary healthcare, regardless of job, income or insurance status 

The medical center offers an array of primary care services in one convenient location for patients of all ages including:

CARING for the Golden Gate Community

Golden Gate, home to an estimated 36,000 residents and located just a few miles from one of the wealthiest zip codes in America, has been identified as one of the most underserved communities in Collier County.


In a professional 2012 needs assessment study, Golden Gate was shown to have significant need for primary healthcare including prenatal care, behavioral health and dental care.


The Nichols Community Health Center provides improved access to primary healthcare to all residents, many of whom are first responders, teachers, caregivers and other employees who may be facing unemployment due to the pandemic.


We are extremely grateful to our donors, board members, community partners and dedicated staff who have made this center a reality, helping us fulfill our mission to provide access to primary medical and dental care for all.