Healthcare Network Receives $600K Gift for New Mobile Unit

Reaching patients in hard-to-reach communities

The Bill and Julia Van Domelen Foundation has awarded Healthcare Network a $600k gift for a new mobile health unit to provide medical care to patients in hard-to-reach and underserved communities.

The unit will consist of three distinct medical exam rooms, two of which will have the ability to be used for dental procedures. Caring for pediatric, adult and senior patients, the unit will also serve as a mobile base of operation during hurricane and natural disaster periods, providing flexibility and versatility to the organization during times of crisis.

“With transportation being a huge barrier to care for many of our patients, this new mobile unit allows us to more effectively address the needs of our most at-risk patients,” said Healthcare Network President and CEO Jamie Ulmer. “Support from the Bill and Julia Van Domelen Foundation is critical to our mission, the health of our patients and overall community. We are extremely grateful for this generous gift and know this new mobile unit will make a big difference in eliminating significant health disparities.”

The unit will visit medically underserved communities like Everglades City as well as migrant farmworker camps throughout Collier County. The new mobile medical unit will be the organization’s third, which currently include the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile© for pediatric dental care and the Health and Smiles Mobile for families.

“Although Collier County is a wealthy community, there are pockets where people face difficulties accessing care,” said Julia Van Domelen, director of the Bill and Julia Van Domelen Foundation. “Healthy families are the key to a thriving community, and we are excited to be supporting Healthcare Network in providing patients quality care regardless of where they live.”

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