Dr. Courtney Whitt Receives State Award Honoring Service to Underserved

Florida Association of Community Health Centers Present Jessie Trice Outstanding Clinician Award

Naples, Fla. (August 15, 2023) – Healthcare Network Director of Behavioral Health and psychologist Courtney Whitt PhD., received the Jessie Trice Outstanding Clinician Award from the Florida Association of Community Health Center’s (FACHC) at the associations recent annual conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Jessie Trice Distinguished Clinician Award recognizes an individual for their outstanding commitment in providing services for the underserved; dedication to continuous quality improvement, evidence-based medicine, health care innovation, willingness to “go the extra mile” for their patients, and to work collaboratively with peers to ensure the best possible outcomes for all patients.

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As director of behavioral health, Whitt is responsible for overseeing the organization’s integrated behavioral health program, which brings medical and behavioral health clinicians together to support whole person health (both mind and body). She has dedicated her career to providing care to the underserved, finding early-on that the health center mission, to provide care to those with disadvantaged and underserved backgrounds was most meaningful.

“Dr. Whitt is passionate about ensuring access to mental and behavioral health for everyone in a state where mental and behavioral health resources are scarce, particularly for patients on Medicaid or for the under- or un-insured,” said Healthcare Network CEO and FACHC board member Jamie Ulmer while presenting the award on behalf of FACHC. “Dr. Whitt is an outstanding clinician and leader and patients around the state are fortunate to have such a dedicated individual advocating on their behalf.”

For more than 45 years, Healthcare Network has distinguished itself by providing primary health care to men, women and children of all ages, helping the disenfranchised, underinsured, and uninsured of our communities, as well as those with insurance and resources who recognize the quality and comprehensiveness of care available. For more information, please call 239.658.3000 or visit www.HelthcareSWFL.org.


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