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What parents should know about diabetes

As a parent, you probably feel overwhelmed with information on how to keep your child healthy. When it comes to health conditions like diabetes, do you know where to begin? In recognition of National Diabetes Month, here are the basic facts parents should know about diabetes. According to the CDC, [...]

How to Support Your Child with ADHD

Life with a child diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can sometimes be overwhelming. Often, children with ADHD struggle with behaviors that can be disruptive to others such as difficulty paying attention, sitting still and controlling impulsive behavior. Their inability to focus can affect learning and friendships while also placing [...]

How to Keep Your Mind Sharp as You Age

Have you ever struggled to remember someone’s name, forgot where you parked your car or misplaced your glasses or house keys? You are likely having minor “memory glitches” or moments of temporary forgetfulness or confusion associated with the aging process. While occasional forgetfulness is normal, it can still be frustrating, [...]

Please seat yourself: Tips to potty training your toddler

As a pediatrician, I am often asked, “When should toilet training begin?” I get it. Ditching diapers is a major milestone many families look forward to, but potty training should not be rushed and should only begin when your toddler shows signs of being physically, mentally and emotionally ready. Some [...]

How Minimum Wage Impacts the Health of the Community

In June, the executive team of Healthcare Network, supported by our board, raised the minimum wage paid to our employees to $15 an hour from $11.75. The expected annual cost to Healthcare Network will be significant. However, the leadership imperative to influence social determinants of health was what drove this [...]

Use it or lose it! Fun ways to keep kids learning this summer

This school year has been a year like no other. Whether students attended class in-person or virtually, their studies were likely disrupted by quarantines or technology issues leaving many kids struggling to keep up. How do you keep kids learning? With summer vacation upon us, learning gaps could potentially widen [...]



Storm Recovery Information

Due to significant damage from Hurricane Ian, Healthcare Network’s Friendship Health practice, located at 2355 Sanford Ct., Naples 34112, is temporarily unavailable.

For patients with appointments at our Friendship Health practice, our staff will contact you.

Otherwise, all other Healthcare Network practices located throughout Collier County are open and welcoming patients during normal business hours. Please call 239.658.3000 to schedule an in-person or telehealth visit.